Travel Tips for Thailand

When you ask where the travel hub of South East Asia is, you will immediately hear that Thailand is the place. When travelers want to do a South East Asian circuit you will find them flying into Bangkok first and make their way around from there. With its low prices, friendly people, amazing food, world-class diving, world-class shopping, famed beaches and lush jungles you find it a firm favorite for most travelers. Everything about Thailand is easy and convenient and one of the world’s most loved backpacking destinations too.

Typical Costs in Thailand


Transportation is cheap in Thailand with a local bus typically below eight TBH while the Sky train and Metro will be between 15 and 50 TBH and loads of metered taxis too, the more expensive is the Tuk-Tuk, which does not run per meter while you also get motorbike taxis around Thailand. Boats to and from islands around are low priced too while coach busses are another good option.


Living or visiting Thailand is cheap even though you will find that Bangkok and the southern island are more expensive than the Northern Thailand. In the countryside for example will you find guesthouses as low as 200 THB per night while Bangkok central and the cities offer guesthouse accommodation for as little as 300 THB. When you want to stay on a lush island in a nice room you can expect to pay around 600 THB, while typical hotels would cost you 1, 350 THB per night. If you go to even fancier hotels on large resorts you could expect to pay above 1700 THB. Great places with low prices include the countryside B&B Khao Yai in Pooh and inside Bangkok the low priced Chada Guesthouse.


You will never go hungry when you know that aside from great cuisine is it cheap too. When you pay 20 THB you will get amazing street food while on average you can expect to pay between 35 and 45 THB when dining in better places. Western dishes like pasta, pizza and burgers are in abundance too but take note that you pay more for a burger or pizza in Thailand than in a fancy western restaurant.