Money saving Tips for Thailand

Even though Thailand is cheap all round especially when compared to other major destinations worldwide you could save even more money and spend more on things you want to do or even extend your stay with the money saved.

Couch surf – what is cheaper that not paying at all? When you use a website like counchsurf you will find many locals advertising for accommodation available without paying a cent.

Staying in hostels – you do not need to find a budget hotel or bed and breakfast when in Thailand as it is one of the places with the most hostels that anywhere else. It is an extremely economic and social choice with loads of similar people to you wanting to save money and making new friends while staying dirt cheap.

Buy booze at 7-Elevens – you can save quite a lot on your bar tab when you buy you drink at a 7-eleven as you will pay around 120 – 170 THB in a bar or restaurant for a beer while the 7-eleven sell the same beer for on 35THB.

Enjoy Street Food – you never have to fear about the street food in Thailand, it is delicious and always fresh. Around Thailand you will find an abundance of street food stalls manned by locals serving the best fare and often even better than most restaurants too.

Go local – when you are in Thailand for a long or short stay there is one sure way to save a tremendous amount of money. Simply go local and live like the locals by drinking local beer, eating local food and taking local buses. You will find that the average resident in Thailand live on less the 7000 THB per month while living in the city, while the locals on the country side earn and use even less. When you live and eat and do like the locals you will easily spend maximum 300THB per day.