Pattaya Thailand

On the eastern Gulf coat of Thailand is the famous and beautiful Pattaya which are more renowned for its beaches that anything else. If beaches are what you are after you will love this quiet fishing village that changed in 1960 into one of Thailand’s most popular destinations. Once quiet you now have 24 hour clubs, cabaret bars, shopping malls, high rise condos and massive resort hotels. Here you also have a massive landmark and in this case it is the 18 meter tall golden Buddha. It is on a hillside at the Wat Phra Yai Temple, from where you also have magnificent views of the bay and here you also have a golfer’s paradise with some of Thailand’s most popular designer golf courses.

Two outstanding activities you will find daily on the busy beachfront of Pattaya include watersports and in specific parasailing and jet skiing too. The beach is a typical Thai beach which means it is lined with umbrellas and lounge chairs facing the lovely ocean. To the south you have a quieter beach, the Jomtien beach and a windsurfing paradise. To the north you get more beaches from Naklue Bay and lovely sights including Hindu carvings, wooden shrine with Buddhist, the Sanctuary of Truth which is a popular tourist attraction.

Pattaya also features the Neon-lit Walking Street which get closed when night falls and for strolling only. Here you will find the nightlife packed with massage parlors, discos, bars as well as interactive paintings and 3-d art at the Art in Paradise.

Top sights and must see places include:

  • The Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, which offer 500 acres of lovely restaurants, elephant rides and shows and massive themed gardens.
  • Jomtien in Chonburi Province, 165 south east of Bangkok
  • Sriracha Tiger Zoo has over 400 tigers as well as other animals including elephants and crocodiles with daily activities and shows.
  • Mini Siam is a wonderful attraction that showcase famous landmarks in miniature form.